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Shann’s been behind the decks for close to 10 years now and has played for every age, genre & style of event under the sun. His passion for entertaining a crowd began fresh out of high school with house parties, club events and festivals. This led to a 4 year European summer residency in the Greek Island of Ios. Each year, on either side of the summer residency Shann seized every opportunity he could get his hands on, whether it was playing to 6000 people in The Phillipines, 100 Contiki reps in Budapest, 2000 punters at a LA nightclub or 200 language students on boat parties throughout Malta, he was always perfecting his craft.
On his return back to Perth each year Shann would play at a collection of corporate functions, school balls, weddings and pop up festivals until the next adventure had him leaving the country. To date, Shann has played over 1500 events in 13 countries, to crowds as big as 20,000.
In 2017, Shann decided to spend less time playing funky tunes on tropical beaches and more time in Perth to focus on building what is now the popular Perth DJ agency – Streamline Entertainment.


When and where did you start being a DJ:

I watched a YouTube video back in 2011 of a DJ and fell in love with it! Purchased some decks and I was on my way DJing every little house party I could until that progressed into clubs, festivals, international gigs etc.


Favourite gigs played:

The year was 2017, I was booked to DJ the post run festival for The Music Run in Bangalore, India. Half way through my set, it started to pour with rain. The organisers ran on stage with a tarp to save the decks and I continued to play under the tarp, popping my head out every 10 or so seconds to get a few fist bumps in. It was such an amazing memory because all 6,000 of the runners stayed throughout the rain, going absolutely crazy!


Any fun memories from Sideshow gigs

The Mexicana events are always sooo much fun! I’ve dusted off my Mexican poncho many a time for a few tequila shots and good times in The Left Bank garden 😀

Of course, the Xmas eve gig is always amazing too, it’s turned into a nice little reunion for myself and the other DJs who play it regularly 🙂