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Bass (dnb, dubstep, breaks, bass house)

I am all about feeling good. My grooving sounds will take you on a journey through all the genres of Funk, Hip-hop, Mid Tempo Bootyshake, House and Breaks. You won’t be able to help but dance and groove to  my sets.


When and where did you start being a DJ:

I started DJing at house warm up parties about 13 years ago, I did all my friends ones :-). My first real gig was at Canton lounge bar, a really small bar hidden in the CBD, I was the resident there for a year or so, then I started the Brass Monkey DJs. I still remember bringing my decks and speakers and setting up on top of two bar stools. A lot has changed there since then.


Favourite gigs played: So many!! But If I have to narrow it down it would be Closing the stage at Metro City after What So Not and A-Track sold out show, It was MADNESS!. Cuban Club on NYD is one of my fav too and of course Christmas Eve at The Left Bank ;-).


Any fun memories/comments about Sideshow gigs:

Well! more like HOT memories haha, Christmas Eve at The Left Bank 2020, what a fun gig to do, I have always wanted to be part of it and I finally did. I was so pumped for the day and then I checked the weather, Daaamnn! that was so hot. I felt like I had a shower open on top of me during the entire hour I was on. Overall my experience with Sideshows gigs have been amazing! I can’t wait for the next show 🙂